Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Draw Fest 09 prt 1

Hey! Hope everyone's having a cool summer, I have finally found a scanner at my Friend Christines house so here are some of the things ive been toying around with. Hopefully i can get cranking on more things.

OH and please PLEASE please GiMme Dem CritS (Lawls)


"a little StarCraft 2 excitement"


peter carlson said...

that strarcraft one is sick man

Del Rey said...

damn alex these are looking pretty awesom. can't wait to see more

Chez said...

pretty sick shit hon! Great job on the cowboy's face, love it! POST MOAR!

Adam Tamte Volker said...

this is where I am doing the contest stuff. It is a blog written by the senior art director of D&D at wizards of the coast. he does a challenge a week

Sam said...

hahahah "i will do my scientific best" Cool starcraft stuff! you excited for the release???